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Goalie Repairs

Goalie pads:
We can customize your pads with calf protectors, thigh and knee protectors, knee locks, toe protectors, toe bridges, toe buckles, toe straps and all leg straps. Seams that have come apart, skate cuts or any worn leather can be mended with color matching goal pad material.


Re-palmed with leather or clarino. Extra padding and protection can be added, foam replaced and any patching, rips or tears.

Re-lace, patch and repair any cuts or tears. We can also rebuild and replace the palm.

Bob repairing a blocker and trapper

Upper body protector:

We can customize and do any alterations, add padding, add side guards for woman underneath the armpits for breast protection. We can replace any Velcro and elastic straps, as well as customize the upper body protector to fit better and add more protection if necessary.

Hockey bags:
Replace zippers, patch and restore any hole or tears, and fix handles and pockets.

Hockey pants:
We patch, mend rips, tears and crotch gussets. We can add extra padding and protection to the pants as well as shorten or add length for those in between sizes. Replace suspender buttons and pant belts.

We can replace harness', chin cups, chin straps and cages.

Overdrive is an extra blade for goalie skates and is used at all levels throughout the hockey world. It adds to whatever power and mobility you have and it does this safely and without altering your style. Want a quick intro to Overdrive? Click here

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