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Skate Repairs

B.K. Sports Repair is the official warranty repair depot for the following well-known organizations:

Our experienced and skillful technicians can replace your skate blades, recondition the eyelets, replace inner and outer soles, replace toe caps, and put in new gel packs. The following image is an example of the high quality repairs that we produce consistently:

Whether you're an amateur recreational skater, or a competitive hockey player, it is crucial that you ensure your safety by maintaining your skates. Our skate tune-up Include: profiling of the blade, sharpening, toe pro, tightening blades and putting in new coppers and rivets. By doing so we will allow you to have the confidence and safety you require when using your skates.

We guarantee that our skilled technicians will ensure high-quality skate sharpening and profiling!

B.K. Sports repair is proud to be an exclusive distributor of revolutionary OVERDRIVE blade made for goalies. Overdrive is an addition to your regular goalie skate that allows for you to maximize your control when maneuvering around your net. It adds to your power and mobility and does this safely without altering your style. This innovative product is currently being used at all levels throughout the hockey world, and is continuing to grow in popularity. Visit Overdrive's website by clicking here, for an in-depth desctiption on the product.

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